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This template is a no-brainer if you're a boho babe. If you're ready to raise your prices and become the authority online that you are, this is for you.

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This Template Includes: Fully-Designed Website, Step-by-Step Video Tutorials & Facebook Support Group

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Along with a fully designed (and customizable) home page, about, services, contact and strategic sales page, this template comes with step-by-step video tutorials that will walk you through all the stages of customization; getting started, customizing and launching your new beautiful website. Immediately after purchasing, you'll gain access to its library, video tutorials and private Facebook group.

What's included?

Immediately after purchasing, you'll gain access to the templates library where you can find your template pass, step-by-step video tutorials and access to a private supportive Facebook group. Each template is designed on Showit which is the most intuitive web design platform out there. By following the video guides, you can be launched with your new gorgeous website in less than a week!

How does it work?

The best thing about these templates? EVERYTHING is customizable! And I mean everything! Fonts, images, colors, text, buttons etc. Literally everything can be customized to your desires and there won't be any "Ughhh I want to pull my hair out!" Showit (the platform they're designed on) is incredibly intuitive and guaranteed after just 24 hours of playing with the platform, you'll be stoked with your new biz investment!

What's customizable?

"I can 100% say that it was one of the best decisions I made in the business process. Worth every dang penny!"

Michaela Parlett  | website in a day

"Thank you Becca for your beautiful work and guidance through building my dream website, I’m so glad I found you!"

Lauren Krummel | Rich Bitch Website Template

"You can’t do better and there’s a reason I found her through word of mouth, and am now recommending her to everyone in my network."

Sari De | Website In a day

"Totally worth the money, I'd pay double next time. Thank you so much for the Template, it saved so much time."

Samantha Harris | Goddess Girl Website Template

"Together we took one of her fabulous templates and customized it into a magical site for my business. Yes magical!"

Natalie Perera | Website In a day

"I created a stunning website and sales page in two days. Becca has everything including the video trainings laid out perfectly! 

Laura Niese | Wildly Wealthy Website Template

"100% love this template and have already seen an increase in inquiries since my launch! Do it!!!!" 

Emma Anderson | Ambitious Dreamer Website Template

"I launched my website in a week and a half and loved every moment of being creative and designing it."

LILIA GESTON | Ambitious Dreamer Website Template

If you’re thinking about doing it, just do it! You’re gonna love it! It makes me feel freaking awesome that I have a website now."

Amanda O'Mara | Wildly Wealthy Website Template

"I’ve always wanted a beautiful site that truly represented who I am and your templates have given that to me."

Jen Fisher | Wildly Wealthy Website Template

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What is customizable?


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Showit is the easiest and most intuitive drag & drop website platform there is.

Everything is completely customizable! You can easily change out the colors, fonts & more to make it truly yours!

I've got you boo. The step-by-step video trainings along with the private support group is there to ensure you're set up to launch your beautiful website easily & quickly!

Other than your Showit subscription, you only need to purchase a domain which you can do so here.

Yes, most definitely! I have two options for working together and more info can be found here.

Do you have some questions of your own? Feel free to pop into my inbox right here so we can get you on the road to creating your dream website.

Podcast Template

Blog Template

You've got a voice and you're ready to be heard. By using this easy-to-use Podcast Template, you'll be able to house your episodes on your website in an efficient + beautiful way,.

Got shit to say? Use this template to easily add a blog onto your website so everything's found in one place. Beautiful? Duh. Easy-to-use? You got it babe. Need this in your life? You know it.

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