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The Rich Bitch

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Armed with an elegant sales page that’s been strategically designed for high-ticket offers, its time to raise your prices and start converting clients while you sleep.

The Rich Bitch


This Template Includes: Home, About, Work Together/Services, Contact, Strategic Sales Page & an Instagram Menu (replaces LinkTree)

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Along with a fully designed (and customizable) home page, about, services, contact and strategic sales page, this template comes with step-by-step video tutorials that will walk you through all the stages of customization; getting started, customizing and launching your new beautiful website. Immediately after purchasing, you'll gain access to its library, video tutorials and private Facebook group.

What's included?

Immediately after purchasing, you'll gain access to the templates library where you can find your template pass, step-by-step video tutorials and access to a private supportive Facebook group. Each template is designed on Showit which is the most intuitive web design platform out there. By following the video guides, you can be launched with your new gorgeous website in less than a week!

How does it work?

The best thing about these templates? EVERYTHING is customizable! And I mean everything! Fonts, images, colors, text, buttons etc. Literally everything can be customized to your desires and there won't be any "Ughhh I want to pull my hair out!" Showit (the platform they're designed on) is incredibly intuitive and guaranteed after just 24 hours of playing with the platform, you'll be stoked with your new biz investment!

What's customizable?

Lilia Geston


"I launched my website in a week and a half and loved every moment of being creative and designing it.

As soon as I decided to invest in my website everything went smoothly. Becca was so amazing with helping me make sure the template was right for me, the video tutorials were fast and easy to follow, and Becca was always quick to respond when I had a question. My favorite part is that I could design my website with this template to look so unique as an expression of myself while still having a solid backbone that I didn't need to create from scratch or stress over! If you are feeling called to the Bold X Boho templates, go for it! I am so happy with mine.

Lauren Krummel


"Thank you for your beautiful work and guidance through building my dream website!

A friend told me Becca's templates were way easier than she thought to build a website and took less time than she imagined to get it up and running. I decided to check out her website and fell in love with the rich bitch template. It just fit my style so much better than anything I could dream up or create on my own. I gave myself a month to design it, giving myself one hour a day to work on it. I ended up finishing in 2 weeks! Becca gives you step by step videos so it’s like she’s walking you through every step of the website set up. 

Samantha Harris


"Thank you so much for the Template, it saved me so much time. I'd pay double next time."

"A website from Bold x Boho is totally worth the money! I've already rebranded and it was so easy and amazing through out the process which is really hard to come by! If you're a service based business owner, websites don't get better than this. If you're thinking about it, just do it! You won't regret it.

Laura Neise


"I created a stunning website & sales page in literally two days."

" I've tried Wordpress, Kajabi and Squarespace and nothing is comparable to Showit and these website templates! Becca has everything laid out perfectly, it's so easy to navigate! There's video trainings that walk you through each section of your website. And when are you able to launch a beautiful on-brand website WITH a sales page in just two days? Highly recommend these to anyone looking to create a dope website that actually sells! 

Day 01

Create your Showit account and follow the video guide that I provide on how to upload your new website into Showit!

DAY 02

Choose your colors, fonts & images that will be used on your new website! Upload them directly onto Showit and begin customizing your home page!

DAY 03

Finish up your home page and begin working on your about page! This ones easy peasy because it's all about YOU!

DAY 04

Devote this day to customizing your work with me page, because let's be real - this is the money pot! 

DAY 05

Customize your sales page for your high-ticket programs so your dream clients start rollin' on in and you make some serious cash money!

DAY 06

Launch day! Boom - 6 days in and you've created a website that feels so damn good that you can't wait to show the world! Way to go sister.

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  Ready to create your dream website in less than 

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You deserve a website that feels aligned with your soul, without breaking the bank. Stand out. Make bank. Start now. 

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Podcast Template

Blog Template

You've got a voice and you're ready to be heard. By using this easy-to-use Podcast Template, you'll be able to house your episodes on your website in an efficient + beautiful way,.

Got shit to say? Use this template to easily add a blog onto your website so everything's found in one place. Beautiful? Duh. Easy-to-use? You got it babe. Need this in your life? You know it.

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Shop Template

Ready to scale? Add e-commerce capabilities onto your dream website so you can have more freedom & impact. Jam packed with Shopify trainings + more, this template will literally change your business.

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