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Elegant & Chic Brand Kit

Brand Kits Include: Branded Color Palette, Brand Vision Board, PNG Design Elements, & Downloadable Custom Fonts

A tenth of the price as working with a designer, but everything you need to stand out in a saturated market! Up-level your branding and make the impact you + your biz deserve,


What you get:

→ Brand Board

→ Brand Colors

→ Brand Fonts

→ Brand Elements

How it comes:

→ Canva Accessible

→ Hex Color Codes

→ Zip Downloads

→ PNG Brand Elements

No photoshop? No Problem.

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The Brand Kits are

The same quality as working with a designer

But a tenth of the price and a quarter of the time. Each color, element, font and vision have been individually and strategically picked with love so your branding can be top-notch, without breaking the bank.

Wildly Wealthy

This Showit website template is strategically designed to sell high-ticket offers with ease! If you resonate with these glam meets desert vibes, this one is for YOU.

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World Changer

This template is a no-brainer if you're a boho babe. If you're ready to raise your prices and become the authority online that you are, this is for you.

Packed with opt-in buttons, a sales page that’s been strategically designed for high-ticket offers and a fun and interactive quiz for your clients to get to know you!

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Ambitious Dreamer

Just starting out in the online biz world? Save time and loads of energy on this template to showcase who you are and what you do for your clients!

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Rich Bitch


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Featured Template

Wild + Free

Showit Website Template

Showit Website Template

Showit Website Template

Showit Website Template

Easy-to-use (and fully customizable) Showit Website Templates for Female Entrepreneurs that want something a little different than your typical boring Squarespace Theme. Bleh, it's 2020. Stand out in the crowded market with the website you deserve.

Add-Ons for your next level

Podcast Template

Blog Template



You've got a voice and you're ready to be heard. By using this easy-to-use Podcast Template, you'll be able to house your episodes on your website in an efficient + beautiful way,.

Got shit to say? Use this template to easily add a blog onto your website so everything's found in one place. Beautiful? Duh. Easy-to-use? You got it babe. Need this in your life? You know it.

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